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Production of Transgenic marmoset Marmosets

We provide established models and custom transgenic marmosets using the embryonic engineering technologies developed by CIEA.

Among the common primate experimental animals such as rhesus monkey, macaques and common marmoset, the common marmoset is highly demanded due to their high reproducibility and the easiness of handling them.

Studies using the genetically modified mice are largely contributed in the biomedical researches, yet there are limitations in observing human-specific disease and symptoms due to the systems differences. Therefore, it is very important to develop the more relevant primate model systems to study human diseases.

Dr. Sasaki and co-workers in CIEA established the technique to generate the transgenic common marmoset (Nature 2009), and this technique made possible to create the human disease models in common marmosets. Together with the specific gene knockout techniques for the common marmoset in the development, CIEA provides the genetically modified common marmosets with the cutting edge technologies.

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