Laboratory Facility for

Humanized NOG mice®

At Sunnyvale, CA

Will help your in-vivo experiments forc

  Human stem cell biology,
Research for regenerative medicine, 
  Cancer research                                     
and more.

To do these experiments above,  
We provide Know-How and the Space
        of in vivo biomedical research with NOG mice
            and their humanized models to participating users
                at In-Vivo Science International Lab
in Sunnyvale.

What is NOG mouse?@@

-It is a mouse crossed immunodificient NOD/scid mouse and the mouse knocked out
-US Patent No.7,145,055
-EP Patent No.1,338,198


What is its characteristics?

-Defect of B cell and T cell function from scid strain
-Reduced NK cells, complement activity and macropharge activities from NOD strain
-Defect of NK cells and DCs function (I.e. IFN-
) from IL-2R mutation.

It is a highly efficient recipient of not only cancer cells but also human normal cells (patented in US, EU and Japan).


Comparison of engraftment rates of human cells among NOG mice, BALB/cA- RAG2,c double KO mice, and B6-RAG2,c double KO mice


However, due to severe immunodeficiency, they have a very weak immune response to pathogens.


Experimental infection of opportunistic pathogens.


How do we rear NOG mice?

-Because they have a very weak immune response to pathogens, strict microbiologic control is required.@ In our lab, therefore, we established systems for solid environmental control to rear NOG mice by effective use of gbioBubbleh which provides barriers using high levels of HEPA filtration and environmental separation.


What are advantages of IVSI Lab?

-We can rear NOG mice with reliability and provide in vivo experimentation systems to researchers with CIEAfs Know-How for NOG mice.


That allows:

You can do experiments using humanized NOG mice with minimized risk.

Our hu-NOG Facility at Panorama Research Inc.


Our Nature of business and Goal

In-Vivo Science, Inc. (, and its group company In-Vivo Science International, Inc. (IVSI) provide high quality products and services to contribute human welfare and health. Especially, IVSI has a mission to introduce in vivo experimentation system using NOG mice® to biomedical researchers in U.S. For this goal, IVSI launched a laboratory with NOG mouse rearing facility of which environment is strictly controlled in Sunnyvale, California (within the facility of Panorama Research Inc.) and support researchers who use NOG mice®.@

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